How to Buy PTERIA Tokens

If you like the PTERIA token and want to buy some of it, at the moment you can use Balancer or the Eidoo App (available on iOs and Android).

Here’s how to buy PTERIA on Balancer

  1. Visit

  1. Click ‘Connect Wallet’

  1. Click ‘Connect to your MetaMask Wallet’

  1. Click ‘Connect’ (MetaMask)

  1. Paste this address 0x02eca910cb3a7d43ebc7e8028652ed5c6b70259b in ‘Token to Buy’

  1. Choose the amount and click on SWAP

Click ‘Confirm’ (to confirm the transaction)

Balancer is a decentralized finance protocol based on Ethereum that allows for automatic market-making. (Similar to Uniswap Exchange)

What’s the pricing model? On the webpage there’s an image of the shop with e.g. “small pack”/10.00PTE = $1. Does this adjust to the token’s current value?

Yes. In-App Price will be adjusted using CoinMarketCap data

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