NFT Pterian - Proposal

Introduction: As we all know, since launching its own token $PTERIA, Pteria DAO has always tried to avoid flooding the market with tokens and has locked most of its tokens (Founder, Advisors, Investors, Team) and many others it has kept for external collaborations and then burned them ( and other Apps).

Rationale: I absolutely love this, and I also love the fact that there is no Farming, which has proven detrimental in every project and has led to the token of projects to useless Dumps. However, I have an idea in mind to strongly increase the liquidity on the ETH-PTERIA pair on Uniswap by involving the community and bringing into play the hottest thing at the moment: NFTs!

Proposal: I would like to propose to Pteria DAO to release 20 NFTs called PTERIAN which will greatly increase the liquidity on Uniswap, guaranteeing huge gains to those who own this NFT. How?

Create 20 PTERIAN NFTs and charge 60 ETH each ($100,000 at today’s price).

The user who buys them however does not lose his ETH but gets 3 things:

  • ETH linked to this NFT goes into the ETH-PTERIA Pair (LP Uniswap)
  • Pteria DAO gives them the same amount in PTERIA and puts them in the Pair ETH-PTERIA (LP Uniswap)
  • NFTs get all the FEE on volumes (Lately it’s $5-10,000 fee per day)

Obviously liquidity would be locked in for at least 2 years, not flooding the market with new Pteria and helping the Pteria project to have much more liquidity and thus the arrival of many big investors (whales).

The person who buys this NFT therefore invests 60 ETH (or an amount that you decide is right) and receives in return, after 2 years, 60 ETH + the corresponding amount in PTERIA tokens + all fees.

With today’s prices it would be: 100,000$ in ETH invested (60 ETH), 100,000$ in PTERIA received as a gift from Pteria DAO (2100 PTERIA Token) + all the FEE (surely at least another 100,000$ each, or much more since the Pteria project is about to announce very important partnerships).

What do you think? It seems to me a feasible and convenient idea for everyone: Pteria DAO, Pteria Community, Future Token Holder!